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Friday Fest

Click HERE for a 2023 entertainment lineup video


  • You may bring chairs and your own water or soft drinks.
  • You may bring pets UNDER CONTROL and ON A LEASH.
  • You may bring food, but keep in mind our local bars and restaurants pay for Friday Fests. They need your business to keep providing these free concerts. Sorry but we just don't have the space for food trucks.
  • You may smoke, but for heaven sake be polite and remove yourself a little. Respect other guests.
  • You may NOT bring in your own alcohol. If you are caught doing so, you will be banned from attendance.
  • You will be removed if you display unwelcome behaviors (i.e. visibly intoxicated, unsolicited touching or harassment, etc...)
  • You will be carded - bring your ID. We don't care if you look every one of your 80 years. We respect that. Rock on. But everyone gets ID'd.
  • Only one drink per wristband. Otherwise the server has no idea who is getting that other drink and if they are over 21. We realize there are ways around this, but really? Just follow the rules please.
  • Violating liquor service laws could result in shutting down Friday Fest. Don't be that guy. Nobody will like you.