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State Historical Fund Grants

The History Colorado State Historical Fund is a program established by the 1990 constitutional amendment that legalized gambling in Central City, Black Hawk, and Cripple Creek. The amendment mandates that a portion of gaming tax revenue goes to the History Colorado State Historical Fund to fund historic preservation projects throughout the state. To be eligible for funding, all History Colorado State Historical Fund projects must relate to one or more of the following 2020 Action Agenda goals:

  • Goal A: Preserving the Places that Matter
  • Goal B: Strengthening and Connecting the Colorado Preservation Network
  • Goal C: Shaping the Preservation Message
  • Goal D: Publicizing the Benefits of Preservation
  • Goal E: Weaving Preservation Throughout Education
  • Goal F: Advancing Preservation Practices

Non-Competitive Grants include the following types: Historic Structure Assessment, Archaeological Assessment, and Emergency Grants.

Competitive Grants include the following types: Acquisition and Development, Education, Survey and Planning, Archaeology

For more information, visit History Colorado