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Enterprise Zone State Income Tax Credits

Companies that locate or expand within the physical boundaries of the EZ are eligible to earn a variety of state income tax credits based on each company’s specific activities primarily related to equipment investment, job creation/training, research, and development activities.

EZ State Income Tax Credit Summary:

  • Investment Tax Credit- 3% of Eligible Equipment Purchases
  • Commercial Vehicle Investment Tax Credit- 1.5% of Eligible Commercial Vehicle Purchases
  • Job Training Tax Credit- 12% of Qualified Training Expenses
  • New Jobs Tax Credit- $1,100 per Eligible New Job Created
  • Ag Processing Jobs Credit- $500 additional per Eligible New Job Created
  • Health Insurance Credit- $1,000 additional per Eligible New Job Created (first 2 years)
  • Research & Development Tax Credit- 3% of Increased R&D Expenditures
  • Vacant Building Rehabilitation Tax Credit- 25% of Rehab Expenditures (hard costs)
  • Manufacturing & Mining Sales/Use Tax- Expanded S&U Tax Exemption in EZ
  • 25% Tax Credit for Private Contributions to Enterprise Zone Contribution Projects

For more information about these specific incentives, visit Upstate Colorado or contact Cathy Schulte, Senior Vice President & EZ Administrator, at 970-356-4565 or by emailing her at