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DDA Grants and Incentives

The Downtown Development Authority (DDA) offers grants to businesses and/or property owners in the DDA district to both renovate, rehabilitate and redevelop building facades. These funds are offered to leverage private investments that contribute to the economic sustainability, preservation and public engagement within the downtown district.

There are three options for applicants based on the needs of the business and/or property owner and the scope of the project:

1. Facade Grants: This grant reimburses businesses and/or property owners in the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) for façade renovations. The maximum grant is 50% of total eligible façade expenses, up to $7,500.

2. Building Improvement Grants: This grant reimburses property owners in the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) for comprehensive building renovations that include both exterior façade and fixed interior improvements. The maximum grant is up to 10% of the total eligible building expenses, at no more than 100% of eligible façade expenses.

3. Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Reimbursements: This multi-year reimbursement program is intended for redevelopment projects that will create a significant impact in the DDA district and generate additional property tax increment.

These grants are offered on an ongoing basis as funding permits. The award amount is based on certain evaluation criteria and availability of funding. For more information, please contact the DDA at (970) 356-6775.