Amy Oliver and Scooter McGee from KFKA get ready to announce.Crowds begin to gather along the routeThe Hearts and Tails CarriagePirate Radio's Pirate Ship


Greeley Lights the Nights Parade

If you missed the Greeley Lights the Nights parade this year you truly missed a spectacular extravaganza of light! With more floats than ever the parade gets bigger and better every year. Families lined up early to get good spots along the parade route which followed 9th ave from 15th St to 8th street in the heart of downtown. The Rio and Zoe's Cafe helped keep the crowd warm with free hot chocolate and vendors sold glow stick toys along the route. 

Pirate Radio and KFKA set up on either end of the parade to announce the floats to the crowds. With the exception of the pirate ship attempting to run aground on between 8th street and 9th street things went off without a glitch. 

Enjoy these pictures and mark your calendars for November 24th 2012!